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User Experience Engineering Essentials: Series Introduction

This post is the first in a series of 16, originally published on April 15th, 2006 as the “UXE White Paper: User Experience Engineering Essentials.” I coined the term “User experience engineering (UXE)” to describe a structured research, design, and  Continue Reading »

What is User Experience Engineering? (UXE Essentials Series)

User experience engineering (UXE) is a structured research, design, and evaluation process whose goal is to make user interactions with a product or service easy, efficient, and enjoyable. UXE methods can be and are applied to the development of virtually  Continue Reading »

The Visceral Level (UXE Essentials Series)

Although certain personality traits moderate visceral influences [17], the visceral level of experience is largely pre-wired and biologically determined. We have evolved visceral responses that attract us to objects and environments that provide a survival advantage and repel us from  Continue Reading »

The Behavioral Level (UXE Essentials Series)

Designing for the visceral level of experience attracts attention and may motivate a customer to buy a product. But consider what can happen when the product does not deliver at the behavioral level what it implies at the visceral: Shortly  Continue Reading »

The Sociocultural Level (UXE Essentials Series)

We are social animals, and the sociocultural level of our experience influences our product preferences and interaction styles. We need to identify with a social group, and we use that group identification as a method of self-definition [131]. Our product  Continue Reading »