About the Blog

This blog reflects Howard Kiewe’s professional interests, which are wide ranging: mobile and Web design and development, outsourcing and offshoring, digital marketing, user experience, eLearning, and mLearning. He likes research, so you’ll see that here, along with some analysis and the occasional rant.

About Howard

Howard Kiewe

During over 20 years in diverse technical, training, and management roles, Howard Kiewe focused on the interface of people with technology, and its impact on business results. His career has spanned practice (software and web design and development, instructional design), research (industry and academic), communication (speaking and writing), and business (consulting and management). Roles have ranged from instructional designer, to user experience developer, to CTO.

Howard is currently the President & Principal Consultant at Code Crew:

  • As President, Howard provides leadership for Code Crew, a mobile design and development shop that builds mobile apps, mLearning applications, and Web applications including branded apps for blue chip clients like Nokia, Palmolive, and EMAP Publishing.
  • As Principal Consultant, Howard provides consulting services on a diverse set of management concerns, including: outsourcing and offshoring, business process optimization and automation, product development, software development, web design and development, user experience, elearning and mlearning.

Howard has lived and worked in Canada, the US, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, and the Philippines. Howard now lives in Toronto and travels regularly in North America, Europe, and Asia to stay in touch with clients and deliver consulting services.

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