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In the Press

Below are videos, reports, and articles quoting or written by Howard Kiewe.


Spaced-Out Learning

Interview on Spaced Learning and Gamification with Harvard University’s B. Price Kerfoot.

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published March 4, 2014 in Training Journal


Web Analytics: Turn customer feedback into sales

In her article, Cindy Waxer cites Howard’s insights on the use of Web analytic tools.

Author: Cindy Waxer (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published June 15, 2010 in PC World


The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Author: David Cotriss (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published December 19, 2009 in Small Business Trends


Don’t Make Me Document It

In this article, Howard describes the role of the Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) tools in today’s software development business. He also discusses how they can be used to release you from paper documentation.

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published November 20, 2009 in Processor


User-Experience Engineering

Kurt Marko discusses the value of user experience engineering in software implementation. Howard outlines the process and offers a strategy on creating optimal user-friendly software solutions.

Author: Kurt Marko (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published October 9, 2009 in Processor


Adobe Flash and the iPhone

In this video, Howard Kiewe offers insight on Adobe’s recently announced Flash update and its impact on the smartphone/iPhone market.

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published October, 2009 on YouTube


Five Best App Test Tools, According to Info-Tech

Author: Rafael Ruffolo (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published July 21, 2009 in IT World Canada


Analytics 101: Valuable insights from cheap tools

Author: Cindy Waxer (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published June 23, 2009 in CNN Money


Study: H-1B visas, outsourcing impact IT wages

In Ms Safford`s article discussing study results on the negative impact of outsourcing on wages, Howard provides a practical perspective on outsourcing.

Author: Joanna Safford (quoting Howard Kiewe)

Published May 22, 2009 in Processor


Rich Internet Applications: What’s the business case?

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) use technology like AJAX and Flex to free Web users from HTML’s often painfully slow post-reply mechanism. Rather than endless rounds of click-submit-reply, punctuated by the occasional server request for missing data, RIAs combine desktop-like interactivity with a rich media aesthetic. Done right, RIAs blend the benefits of instant Web access to centralized data.

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published December 3, 2008 in Adobe/Info-Tech Research Group


Businesses Reducing Call Center Costs by Outsourcing to Philippines

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published October 30, 2008 in Reuters


How may I help you? An ethnographic view of contact-center Human Computer Interaction

This study used an applied ethnographic research method to investigate human-computer interaction (HCI) between call center agents and agent-facing software in the context of contact-center culture. Implications for possible high-involvement UI design are considered and a strategy for applied ethnographic research is discussed.

Author: Howard Kiewe

Published February, 2008 in Journal of Usability Studies