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Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps

When considering a mobile marketing strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages to both mobile Web and mobile app. Review the pros and cons in this post to learn which is right for your clients or your brand. A full version  Continue Reading »

SEO Drives Traffic

In a recent study I lead for Info-Tech Research Group, entitled Drive Web Traffic with SEO, respondents consistently reported traffic increases after Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This experience from the Marketing Manager for a Professional Services group is typical of  Continue Reading »

SEO Impresses Shareholders & Stakeholders

Shareholder interest in a Web property is always about the bottom line: will it generate revenue and increase profits. What about stakeholders? A recent study I led for Info-Tech Research Group, entitled Drive Web Traffic with SEO [1], shows that  Continue Reading »

SEO for Brand Building

Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhance your brand? A study I led for Info-Tech Research Group entitled Drive Web Traffic with SEO [1] found that it can. Ranking high on the search engine response page (SERP) will increase your brand  Continue Reading »

SEO Increases Customer Stickiness

Many Web properties are looking for ways to increase brand value, ecommerce success, or both. This has led to an interest in what is known as “customer stickiness.” On the Web, customer stickiness is the tendency for site users to  Continue Reading »

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